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Research Development and Innovation @ UWA

UWA's innovations have been commercialised or are under development with partners around the world

Some examples include:

Sarepta Therapeutics DMD TREATMENT (NASDAQ:SRPT)
Eteplirsen, an antisense treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, has been licensed to Sarepta Therapeutics and in 2016 granted Accelerated Approval by the FDA.
Developed by Prof Ming Hao Zheng, Orthocell is commercialising a novel tendon regeneration treatment and a bioscaffold for soft tissue injuries. See the coverage in Forge magazine.
FerriScan® has transformed the measurement of liver iron concentration through a non-invasive, MRI-based technology. Developed by Prof Tim St Pierre and colleagues, the technology was spun out into Resonance Health
Dimerix uses technology developed at UWA to identify novel drug receptors and has a lead candidate, DMX-200, in a phase II clinical trial for chronic kidney disease.
Hazer Group Ltd was incorporated in 2010 as a specialist commercialisation company for the development of the Hazer Process – a novel hydrogen and graphite production process developed by researchers at the University of Western Australia.
OncoRes Medical Pty Ltd OncoRes Medical Pty Ltd
OncoRes Medical Pty Ltd is developing a handheld imaging technology to provide intraoperative information to surgeons to assist with the identification of tumour and healthy tissue - based on a novel combination of optical coherence tomography imaging and elastography to provide a rapid evaluation of tissue microarchitecture at a scale and resolution comparable to histology.

The initial focus is on the development of an imaging probe that will enable breast cancer surgeons to identify residual cancer within the cavity following the excision of the tumour, providing a solution to address the high re-excision rates for breast cancer patients.
MMEx MMEx – Medical Message Exchange
Designed by clinicians for clinicians, MMEx began at the University of Western Australia as a vision to facilitate secure communication between health professionals. Today MMEx is a comprehensive electronic health record provided by ISA Healthcare Solutions who remain committed to a research and clinician-led approach to software. Read more >>
Brightpath Brightpath by Pairwise Pty Ltd
A breakthrough in the assessment of students and evaluation of teaching programs using the method of pairwise comparisons facilitated by a software tool. Read more >>
Montaj plus Extension Montaj plus Extension – CET Grid Analysis
Developed by the Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET), the CET Grid Analysis extension provides geophysical analysis tools for grid texture analysis, phase analysis, and structure detection.
ALT WellCAD ALT WellCAD - Automated Televiewer Image Analysis
Developed by the Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET), the automated structure detection and analysis software for downhole “Televiewer” images improve the speed and quality of processing of downhole images in the minerals and petroleum industries.
Panorama Synergy Panorama Synergy (ASX:PSY) – MEMS Microspectrometer and Microcantilever
UWA is partnering with Panorama Synergy to commercialise the MEMS Microspectrometer and LumiMEMSTM Microcantilever optical readout technologies developed by the UWA Microelectronics Research Group.
Sensear's industry-changing SENS™ technology simultaneously combines speech enhancement with noise suppression to deliver a total high noise communications and hearing protection solution.
Antaria was formed in 1997 to commercialise an advanced materials technology originally developed at UWA. The technology was first scaled-up via a joint venture with Samsung Corning Co. Ltd, of Korea (2000 to 2004), and then as a stand-alone operation.
Vryhov Anchors Dynamically Embedded Plate Anchor
The DEPLA provides a new deep water mooring solution for the oil and gas industry and has been acquired by Vryhov Anchors.
iCeutica iCeutica
Developed at UWA, iCeutica's proprietary SoluMatrix Fine Particle Technology™ creates new drugs with improved efficacy, better side effect profiles and more convenient dosing. iCeutica was acquired by Iroku Pharmaceuticals in 2011 and has gone on to apply the technology to develop and launch a range of painkillers, with other reformulated drugs in development.

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Poseidon Scientific Instruments/Raytheon Poseidon Scientific Instruments/Raytheon - Sapphire Crystal Oscillators
The technology was first licensed to newly formed PSI in 1995 leading to a 20+ year partnership between UWA & PSI. The real world impact of the technology was recognised with an ATSE Clunies Ross award in 2014; The oscillators were in high demand e.g. for precision radar systems, eventually leading to the acquisition of PSI (and UWA’s patent portfolio) by Raytheon in 2012. (pp 42-43)
Echo360 Echo360/Lectopia Lecture Capture system
UWA developed the Lectopia lecture capture system from 1999 for internal use, then licenced it to 17 universities, and finally sold the software (and business) to Anystream Apreso in 2007 – the product is now known as Echo360 (and is widely used at UWA).