Research Development and Innovation



2021 UWA Inventor Guide

This guide has been developed to encourage and support UWA researchers who want to commercialise their inventions

Commercialisation can be an important way of creating impact from your research - translating it from being interesting to being useful.

Commercialisation at UWA generally starts with submitting an Invention Disclosure. A project manager will work with you to explore the commercial potential of your research and work through the stages illustrated below.

Typically we look to commercialise technologies by licensing to industry partners or creating spin out companies.

We also support technology development through our PATHFINDER proof-of-concept fund.

PATHFINDER proof-of-concept fund

Next steps

Please submit an Invention Disclosure if you think your research has resulted in intellectual property (IP) that can be commercialised.

Submit an Invention Disclosure

RDI will assign a project manager to assess the IP and explore its commercial potential.