Research Development and Innovation

Research Development and Innovation

  • Develop research opportunities
  • Create impact from research
  • Protect intellectual property
  • Commercialise intellectual property

Pathways to Commercialisation

Commercialisation at UWA generally starts with submitting an Invention Disclosure

Build networks with Industry

Working with industry is an important element of UWA's research agenda.

UWA's innovations are having a global impact

Research Development and Innovation @ UWA

Giving new technologies a chance

PATHFINDER can fund up to $100,000 per project

Your gateway to UWA Researchers

Take advantage of collaborative research opportunities, sponsored research, consulting services and partnering opportunities to develop UWA's innovative technologies.

UWA technology licensing and partnering opportunities

The Research Development and Innovation (RDI) office works with researchers to:

  • develop research opportunities
  • create impact from research
  • protect and commercialise intellectual property created at UWA

The RDI also works with industry to facilitate collaborative research projects and access to new technologies.